Essential Softball Accessories

Softball is a skilled game that is distinguished by levels of speed, accuracy, and consistency. It is of imperative value that players are well-prepared with the correct and necessary types of softball gear.

Accessories like softball helmets, aluminum or wooden bats, a high-quality pitching or fielding glove, and comfortable and breathable apparel for gameplay are all non-negotiable components of any good softball player’s repertoire.

Helmets shield player’s heads from rapid-fire balls whizzing about at high-speeds.  In softball, pop or fly balls, line drives, and unpredictable hits are part and parcel of the game.

A well-constructed quality bat is necessary to complete successful at-bats with powerfully executed hits that have the ability to win games.  However, a great at-bat hit absolutely needs the player to be wearing quality-constructed cleats for maximum ball field running and base-sliding ability.

Softball games span the course of 7 innings and can last several hours with extra time included when games go into extra innings.  As such, it is of critical importance that players wear comfortable and breathable apparel or uniforms that facilitate ease of movement and are perspiration-resistant.  After all, maximum comfort equates to maximum ability to play your best game possible.

Last but not least, a player must have a great softball glove that is uncompromising on quality and offers superior levels of performance and flexibility.  Unarguably, the role of the softball glove is among the most important within the entire game.  The softball glove is the very foundation upon which a fantastic defense is played, and the functionality within any glove has the ability to ultimately make or break the quality and consistency of a player’s game.  Read on below to learn about the accessories that are of critical importance to the game of softball.

1. Softball glove

Easton Synergy FastpitchA great softball glove should be constructed of soft and supple grained leather and should encompass a variety of standard and necessary design features.

A closed webbing design is optimal for pitchers while an open-web design is perfect for outfielders who need to see incoming balls for accurate catches.

The pocket of a glove should be generously wide to accommodate ease in catching large softballs.  The body of a top-quality glove should ideally be broken-in, pliable, and easy to open and close.  A broken-in glove can help a player to seamlessly and effortlessly pick up ground balls, catch line drives, and receive fly balls.

Durable leather lacing should piece the body together to create a sturdy glove that will withstand the test of time, effects from the elements, and the abuse from serious and competitive gameplay.

Available in a wide range of prices, a good softball glove can be had for as little as $49.99.  Options with premium touches raise the price towards the $100 mark, with super-premium options such as the Rawlings Primo available for well over $100.

Shown above is a great glove option from Easton that is affordable and high quality.   The Synergy Fastpitch from Easton is equally at home in the hands of seasoned softball players and beginners alike.  A lightweight and flexible glove, the construction is expertly crafted from JPro cowhide leather that is oil-tanned and tumbled.

The Synergy Fastpitch features an abundance of thoughtful details, safety features, and cutting-edge technology components to give softball players their ultimate game experiences.

Price $49.99-$499.99
Product Dimensions 32.5”-34.”
Product Weight 1-1.1 pounds

What to Look for in a Quality Softball Glove:

  • Soft and supple grained and tumbled leather
  • Durable leather laces
  • Open or closed webbing depending on the requirements of the player position
  • Wide glove pocket
  • Plenty of padding for shock-resistance and reduced levels of sting
  • Well-constructed interior lining for maximum comfort during gameplay

2. Baseball/Softball Bat

Louisville Slugger LXT HyperAll bats are not created equal.  More than just an impetus to smack incoming balls, a high-quality bat delivers a carefully engineered balance that enables maximum pop at the plate.

Well-constructed bats help softball players truly deliver results when at-bat, with consistent delivery of power and force.  Ranging from ultra-bargain prices of around $25 all the way up to $449.99 for premium options, the market for softball bats is immense and full of options for seasoned and beginner players alike.

Louisville Slugger LXT HyperConsider the unparalleled performance and cutting-edge technology found within the premium Louisville Slugger bat.  Considered to be the premier choice in top college softball programs, the Louisville Slugger enables elite players to deliver superior results at every at-bat opportunity.

With a durable grip constructed of synthetic materials designed for high performance, the Louisville Slugger features a PBF Barrel System that gives the bat a larger “sweet spot, “in addition to a patented TRU3 Dynamic Socket Connection which eliminates the problem of negative vibration.

The Louisville Slugger features all of the best and latest technology available for softball bats today and gives batters the opportunity to perform at their optimum level.  In stark contrast to the bargain-priced bats found in the low-end of the price spectrum, the Louisville Slugger features thoughtful design elements that ultimately transform a softball player’s entire game experience.

Price $449.99
Product Dimensions ~34 x 3 x 3 inches
Product Weight 2.0-3.2 pounds


  • Used by top college and travel ball programs nationwide
  • PBF Barrel System
  • TRU3 Technology
  • Durable synthetic grip
  • Featuring cutting-edge technology resulting in a truly balanced swing

3. Softball cleats

Softball CleatsA great pair of cleats is an absolute necessity for any serious softball player or enthusiast.  Providing much-needed traction and grip in the field, professional softball cleats will enable base runners to seamlessly and effortlessly run bases after at-bats in addition to being able to slide into bases safely and effectively.
Softball cleats also serve to assist pitchers, catchers, and batters to maintain proper footing and grip while performing the responsibilities of their specific positions.

Currently, the bestselling softball cleats on Amazon are the Under Armour Women’s Glyde RM.  Featuring a professional-looking monochromatic color scheme, these cleats have long been the premier choice for softball players everywhere.

Buy them today at Amazon:

Specifications for the Under Armour Women’s Glyde RM:

Price $40.00
Product sizing Available in women’s sizes 5-10
Product style Low-cut professional styling


  • Engineered synthetic upper with a coated textile forefoot for lightweight, sneaker-like comfort & durability
  • Die-cut EVA sock liner provides excellent comfort & durability
  • Low-cut professional styling
  • Ultimate cushion, shock absorption, and cleat dispersion
  • Sneaker-like comfort
  • Elite comfort and traction

4. Softball Helmet

DeMarini Paradox ProtegeConsidered by many, if not most ball players to be the most important piece of equipment in the game of softball, a durable, high-quality helmet provides the necessary safety and protection needed from the many hazardous elements of vigorous game-play.

A batting helmet is worn at a variety of positions on the infield, including while at-bat, while running bases, and while awaiting a turn at-bat.  Often, additional facial protection devices are attached to batting helmets to help reduce the immense risks involved for facial injuries in the game of softball.

De Marini makes an affordable helmet packed full of top-quality safety features in their Paradox Protégé Pro Batting Helmet.

Check out this best-selling softball helmet option at Amazon:

Price $64.95
Product Dimensions 9 x 9 inches
Product Weight Approximately 2 pounds


  • Optimal sightlines
  • NOCSAE protection standards
  • Dual Density Padding covered in antimicrobial fabric
  • Strategic Venting System

5. Softball apparel/uniform

The apparel that a softball player wears is of significant importance.  Softball games can span the course of hours, with extra time being added in the event of extra innings.

As a result, players must remain comfortable and at ease, in order to play at their optimum levels and deliver consistent results on the field and at-bat.

Softball uniforms are comprised of strategically-picked apparel items that keep players safe, ensure performance, and deliver maximum levels of comfort.

Price Varies
Product options Knee socks, jersey, softball pants, and visor or cap.
Product customization Available in specific team colors.  Shorts option is available. Jersey styles come in wide variety of cuts and fits.


  • Comfort
  • Form fitting
  • Enables optimum performance
  • Breathable, perspiration-resistant fabrics