How to break in a softball glove

It’s really no surprise that buying the best softball glove is a significant part of your softball game being successful. Nearly half of the time you play is spent trying to catch a softball in the field. If you can’t catch a softball well, you’ll have a severe game deficiency. In addition to helping you […]

5 Easy Ways to Impress Your Softball Coach

When meeting a coach for the first time in practice or at tryouts, obviously the point is to catch their eye and make a GOOD impression. There are actually a number of ways you can do that without even having to throw a ball or swing your bat. Here are 5 simple non-softball-skill ways to […]

The Evolution of Softball

The first softball game ever to be played was on Thanksgiving Day in the year 1887. After a football game between Yale and Harvard-specifically during the paying of bets-a man from Yale threw a boxing glove at the Harvard grads, one of whom hit the glove with a broom handle-giving rise to the game of […]

The 5 Basic Skills Needed to Play Softball

Playing softball competitively or recreationally requires a set of basic skills which include catching, throwing, fielding, hitting and base running. A dedicated softball player must take time to practice the right techniques in the following skills in order to confidently and safely play the game. Even seasoned softball players must continue practicing and drilling themselves […]

Essential Softball Accessories

Softball is a skilled game that is distinguished by levels of speed, accuracy, and consistency. It is of imperative value that players are well-prepared with the correct and necessary types of softball gear. Accessories like softball helmets, aluminum or wooden bats, a high-quality pitching or fielding glove, and comfortable and breathable apparel for gameplay are […]

5 Tips on Softball Hitting Techniques

Softball hitting is one of the most, if the not the most, important part of the sport. When it comes to hitting, you need to make sure you have enough skill to get yourself on base more often than not. If you don’t, the coach just might sit you down because you simply aren’t able […]

Top 10 Most Popular Participation Sports In The World

In need of some sporting inspiration? Here are the 10 most popular participation sports in the world to pick from. Although it is quite difficult to estimate exact participation numbers for sports around the world, it is possible to give a general idea of some of the most participated sports using available research, although we […]

10 Tips For Softball Beginners

If you are a softball beginner and are looking for a few pointers then check out our softball top 10 tips to help you get the most out of the game. Always warm up Never begin without a good warm up as any stresses the body is under while cold can lead to an injury. […]

Basic Softball Rules Terminology

The basic softball rules are where the education should begin with every beginner softball player. This page will focus on the terminology of softball. Batter: Person in the batters box attempting to hit the ball from the pitcher. Pitcher: Person in the pitching circle who throws the ball in an attempt to get the batter […]

Learn To Slide

Purpose Teaches players how to execute a safe bent-leg slide with proper technique, starting with the basics. Set Up You can do this drill in the infield or set up in any grassy area. Players learn how to safely execute a bent-leg slide Instructions Start by having all players sit on the ground and extend […]